Still campaigns I photographed and edited.




The Colorbox Project was an incredible collaborative project I was privileged to be a part of for over 5 years. The essential concept was; “How can we make event activations more engaging, with residual art?” The question we then came to was, “What if we could create artistic data visualizations from individual portrait photographs?”

The concept was the brain child of data visualization artist Sean McDonald, Google artistic fellow Elysa Fenenbock, silicon valley super hacker Dick Whitney, and a photographer, yours truly.

At sponsored events and activations, we would give attendees an emotional prompt word, such as “Innovation,” then asked them to choose from an assortment of colored fabrics to emote that prompt word physically. Then we would take a series of portraits, later mixing the individual images into collages of data visualization. The Colorbox was threefold; 1. User interface color psychology 2. Individual artwork 3. Data composites of all attendees into one collective art piece.


Colorbox struck a chord with corporate activations, where our team eventually created projects with Coca-Cola,, Stanford University, Mindshare, Hatchfest, the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, and ultimately Univision at Miami’s Art Basel, where our portraits of Univision’s corporate team are now a framed installation in their New York headquarters.