"Strap in, you’re in for a crazy, cerebral, cinematic ride!"The Hollywood News

MAD GENIUS was the most epic creative quest of my time on this planet so far. I said it took “1 billion creative decisions” on the previous page because… well it did. Not only did I give birth to this thing from the filmmaking perspective, but Film Mode Entertainment also hired me to continue on as the Creative Director of the entire digital marketing campaign.

The film’s visual style was born from cyberpunk and graphic novel design cues, which we continued throughout multi-marketing channels of hacker sites, news sites, blogs, reviews, social media, and our own creator’s magazine. All choices were made to highlight the visually unique aspects of the film, as well as the counter-culture attitude so that it would stand out from the typical Hollywood fare. Needless to say, it struck a chord.


Beyond the usual 2 minute theatrical trailer, we created 7 short form teasers, with 4 specifically crafted around each of our lead actors including Chris Mason, Scott MechlowiczSpencer Locke, and Faran Tahir, which those stars then promoted on their respective social media channels.

The teasers helped us generate over 400k additional impressions through PR, free placements and social media.


Below are the six posters we created for MAD GENIUS. Each and every one was used in different outlets and markets. Diluting our brand you might say? Au’contraire, the very film is made up of an eclectic style, which we used as an audience building contest to see which poster was the audience favorite. We then continued that “choose your favorite” thesis successfully on social media stories.

Ultimately, we went with the bright graphic green poster for our Key Art, as we had analyzed the VOD landscape and chose the poster that would stand out in the pack. See image #2 below and watch where your eye is drawn. Our poster green I bet!


In addition to our 6 key art posters, we also reached out to a few artists in the international cyberpunk community Marc Calvet, Greg Gainor, and Cybercity Punk, to do some amazing “fan art” for the film.



Our brilliant PR team October Coast helped us generate a ton of earned media, interviews, reviews and hundreds of thousands of views on our teasers and trailers. Over 130 outlets in all. One trailer alone had almost 900k views on Sy Fy Trailers. Our biggest PR coup de gras was being featured on the home page of The Hollywood Reporter.


In addition to the VOD platforms that featured the film, social platforms, and our own MG website, we created a trackable sales funnel driven through digital ads, cast pages, and our own creator’s magazine which was utilized for additional content marketing. The sites also drove traffic to our merchandise store. Additionally, we used an email capture funnel, which produced a series of tailored and automated email campaigns.