Royce began his movie career with a VHS camcorder at the age of 13. Flash forward ten years later and he was finishing his first documentary for the Wounded Warriors Foundation, which won the coveted Explore Award from The Annenberg Foundation, as well as the Skirball Cultural Center's Social Impact Award. Since, Royce has directed branded content for Intel, Reebok, P&G, Virgin America, Dannon and other major brands, as well as spoken on the subject at both Google and Youtube campuses. He has worked in a variety of countries all over the world, completing a seven part series for P&G's  award winning Thank You Mom campaign about Olympic athletes and the mothers who helped them become champions. Beyond his films, he has shown his photographs in numerous Los Angeles galleries as well as shot for several national editorials.
He has most recently completed his debut feature film MAD GENIUS, which premiered at the Cannes Marche du Filme in 2017.
Royce looks at the world as a place of infinite stories and moments all varied in spectrum and motivation and light. He is a film maker and photographer who aims to share these moments in the most powerful and inspiring way. He loves to get in people’s heads, get them instigated, stage the scene - yet also delights in finding those natural, evolving moments that are ever-flowing around us. This site is a mixture of flavors from his professional and passion projects.  To Royce they are all personal.